The Application Process

Our Training Programme for 2018/19 is not yet live on UCAS, applications will open towards the beginning of November 2017 please check back here for updates or search for Queensbridge Primary School on UCAS.

Click here and search for Queensbridge Primary School to apply.  

Do the research!
Find out as much information as possible about the Alliance and find out about the partner schools involved. Look at the ethos/vision of each school. Which sounds most suited to your skills, values and interests?

Make some visits…
Spend some time in the borough (Hackney, Islington or Haringey) and get an idea of the catchment area of the school you are interested in. Try and arrange a visit and/or volunteer work at the school or a similar setting.

Complete the online UCAS application
The online application process is user friendly. Spend time on the statement and work experience sections. Try to be reflective and show how work and study so far could impact on your potential to be a teacher.

Interview Day
You will be interviewed at the lead Teaching Alliance School (Queensbridge Primary School)  by a Head of school, a member of the senior leadership team and/or a university representative. As well as an interview there will be other tasks including maths and literacy tests and a presentation on a specific topic.

University Quality Assurance

Your application will then go to the relevant university who will ensure the process has been carried out properly. Then qualifications and references will be followed up if necessary.

Offer confirmation
You will be notified by UCAS of your successful application and have a set time to accept this offer.

What we are looking for

Bringing energy to classrooms and modelling excitement and engagement for children in their learning leads to an infectious, positive environment that will contribute positively to your setting.

Having a fundamental belief to better the lives of children in Hackney and recognise the challenges they might face to learn effectively and think of ways to overcome these is essential.

We welcome students with fresh ideas and knowledge to inject life and enjoyment to the curriculum, for example, through innovative use of technology or creative arts. We love finding new ways to engage young learners!

Students need to embrace their role as aspirational role models and uphold the high expectations of the settings they train in and the professional standards needed to obtain QTS.

All effective practitioners benefit from reflecting on their own practice. We see a direct link to improvement driven by reflection and setting achievable targets.