Course Feedback

Feedback from some of our training sessions!

Course Title: Subject and Curriculum knowledge (Science) – School Direct HUB Training (22.2.2018)

“A really great session with hands on examples of different experiments linked to the big questions.”

“A very informative session with lots of lovely ideas to implement.”

“I have got bucket loads of ideas for science resources and ways of encouraging scientific thinking.”

“(This session has) pointed me in the direction of lots of good resources, experiments and opportunities to think openly about how you might teach the key skills.”

“(I found) it all helpful especially the section on gender and science.”

Course Title: Evaluating Learning (reflecting systematically) – School Direct HUB Training (11.1.2018)

“All really useful – revisiting AFL, the specificity of feedback in Austin’s butterfly and the length of time it takes to embed self-assessment effectively.”

“(I found it useful) looking at the different things you can learn about what (a child) knows from a wrong answer.”

“I liked the links to practice and examples of what you might say (in response to a child’s wrong answer).”

“(I found the) discussion of ways to evaluate pupil learning through responses to questions (helpful).”

“(I understand the importance) to provide more subject specific feedback and next steps (to children).”

Course Title: How can we impact on progress? – School Direct HUB Training (30.11.2017)

“This session gave me lots of excellent ideas, tasks and prompts for assessment for learning (AFL).”

“I found it useful to go through Blooms taxonomy questions and begin to come up with my own.”

“I will be using and referring to the Blooms questioning strands in my teaching.”

Course Title: Stretch and Challenge for all – School Direct HUB Training (23.11.2017)

“This session was excellent – the content and the links to research.”

“I really enjoyed this (session) and it was very inspiring. I got lots of ideas about questioning backed up by research that I will look into”

The speaker “was very engaging and intellectually stimulating!”

“My brain is stimulated and stretched with ideas for teaching.”

“I definitely want to learn more about how to promote critical, independent and creative minds in children”

Course Title: An introduction to Speech and Language – PGCE Training (21.11.2017 and 22.11.2017)

“A very useful start to a big topic!”

“It was very informative and very interesting.”

“It was a good oversight into speech and language.”

“It was great to have some hands on experience and observation time (with children)”

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the reception children”

“I thoroughly enjoyed (this session) and found it very informative.”

Course Title: Establishing clear rules and routines – School Direct HUB Training (9.11.2017)

“I now understand the relationship between rules and routines and the significance of stability for children.”

“It was great to learn about routines, rules and how they differ/overlap.”

“This training has provided me with a very clear understanding of the importance of establishing rules and routines.”

“This training has given me the time to reflect on my classroom practice.”

Course Title: Differentiating Learning and Overcoming barriers to learning – School Direct HUB Training (19.10.2017)

“This was supremely helpful!”

“It has taught me how to think outside the box.”

“Very insightful. Good advice and ideas were provided on ways to differentiate and allow for the independence of SEND children.”

“I now have practical tips for supporting children with SEND needs.”

Course Title: Restorative Approaches to Behaviour – Hackney and Tower Hamlets IOE Students (28.1.2015)

 “Really interesting and has given me lots of practical ideas to take away with me to my base class.”

“Good to see how to apply restorative chat in a conflict situation.”

“I had no idea what restorative approaches were or how to use them and now I feel I could use them at school.”

“Gave me lots of ideas and solutions to achieving a positive environment for behaviour!”

“ A great introduction to Restorative Approaches, especially for someone who has been struggling with behaviour management.”

“It really delivered what the title said. It was really great, useful and practical. I will implement it in my every day practice.”

“I feel like I’m coming away with a new skill set and behavioural tool that is clear and easy to follow.”

Course Title: Introduction to  Restorative Approaches to Behaviour – Randal Cremer Primary School (3.9.2015)

“Excellent! I wish I’d had this training years ago!”

“Very useful and relevant, will definitely use this approach day to day.”

“A systematic way of dealing with conflict that enables all parties to feel listened to.”